English Menu Wenzel Halle

Main Courses

Original Wenzel-Burger13,95 €

minced beef patty between two halves of dumplings with gherkins 1,4 tomatoes and onions. With tasty dumpling “fries”, ketchup and tatar sauce.

13,95 €

Uzená vepřová panenka se zelím a knedlíkem Pork “Kassler” neck 9 with gravy, sauerkraut and Bohemian dumplings

14,95 €

Cured pork knuckle 3,9,10 in black beer sauce with sauerkraut and Bohemian dumplings

14,95 €

Bohemian roast in cream sauce with cranberry jelly and Bohemian dumplings

14,95 €

Served with Bohemian dumplings and a rich forest mushroom sauce

15,95 €

Rolled pork roast with fine pepper mince filling 6 in black beer sauce, served with red cabbage 3, potato dumplings and Bohemian dumplings.

16,95 €

filled with bacon, onions and gherkin 1, 4, served with red cabbage 3 and buttered potatoes.

18,95 €

with red wine sauce. Served with red cabbage 3 and Bohemian dumplings

19,95 €

with red cabbage 3 as well as potato and Bohemian dumplings

19,95 €
customer card price: 16,95 €

9 with sauerkraut and Bohemian dumplings

21,95 €

veal cutlet served with cucumber salad as well as potato salad with gherkin, carrots and leeks


13,50 €

with Bohemian dumplings

14,50 €

with onions stripes and Bohemian dumplings

Vegetarian Dishes


10,95 €

with sour cream, mildly smoked bacon and leek onions 1,3

11,95 €

with sour cream, smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions and rocket

Delicious Snacks

Soups & Salads


Ice Cream

With his own ice cream parlor, movie legend Terence Hill pays homage to his family’s ice cream business in Amelia in Umbria. “In my childhood my uncle had only three varieties: lemon, chocolate and pistachio. Pistachio is still my favorite ice cream today,” says Hill. His family places the highest value on quality. So every ice cream from Gelateria Girotti contains at least 50 percent fruit and purely natural ingredients – and you can taste it!




Non-alcoholic beverages

Hot Drinks

Breakfast – Mo-Fr 9-12am

4,95 €

One croissant with strawberry jam, apple and cucumber, served with a glass of cocoa

5,95 €

Two croissants with butter, sweet spread and fresh fruit

5,95 €

Butter pretzel and Bohemian bread cone, served with butter, jam and paprika cheese

Dumpling-tomato omelette with Beskyden cheese

vegetarian – 8,95 €
with diced bacon – 9,95 €

9,95 €

A selection of different sausages and cheese, onion mince, smoked salmon, sweet spread, butter and fruit. 2 rolls, 2 croissants, 1 croissant

For two persons – 17,95 €

1 Bohemian Roll – 0,75 €

1 croissant or bread roll – 1,00 €
Sweet spread (jam or honey or chocolate cream) – 1,20 €
portion of sausage or cheese – 2,50 €
crispy bacon – 2,50 €
2 scrambled or fried eggs – 3,50 €
Portion of cornflakes with milk or natural yoghurt – 3,50 €
Portion of muesli with milk or natural yoghurt – 4,50 €